I Can’t Forget but I Forget


I have a person I can’t forget.

Sometimes I dream about him. It brings back sweet memories.

It has passed 7 years since we were over.

My memory is getting blurred more and more.

He has been disappearing from me.

His warmth, his voice, his smell….

I can’t remember the word that he gave me.

I love everything about him but I forget them.

Um…Where is a mole on his face?

Now I only know him in the picture but I vividly remember my feeling to him.

My heart aches when I remember at that time.

I was sure we are together forever.

If we married, how I would live my life.

I imagine a future that won’t happen rather than the sweet memories of the past.

I’m still in love with him secretly.

You can read this in Japanese.