I’m Looking for YOU I Don’t Know


“I love you.”

One of these days, this word becomes a lie.

Even if we go out, we’ll break up.

And then people fall in love again.

But as time goes on, that feeling will disappear sooner and later.

“I love you” is past a word.

“lover” is a past person.

Was it a performance? Didn’t you swear by God?

Feelings change easily.

So even if love doesn’t come true and be sad, we’ll have another love.

“You are only one.” I heard this word again and again.

you, you, you, you…

A few years later, a few decades later, It may not be “YOU” anymore.

“YOU” has been changing.

I don’t believe your feeling and also my feeling.

“FOREVER” I hate the word.

You can read this in Japanese.