I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life with You if My Feelings Reach You


I only live once.

I don’t know what will reborn next. Maybe I will reborn nothing.

If my life is only this time where is my feeling?

I can never forget one person I love. I really wanted to be with forever.

It’s not the past memory. I still love him.

I have a family and I am happy now. But even if I throw away this happiness, I want to be with you.

I loved you and you loved me too.

“The best lover”, he said to me.

But we had a problem so we couldn’t be together.

“In the next life.”

We promised when we met the last time.

I don’t know we will see in the next life. Anyway, I cannot wait until the next life.

I hope you will read this.

I hope you will find me again in this life.

If you find me, I want to drop everything and run to you.

We have enough time.

It’s still not too late.

We only live once.

You can read this in Japanese.